ZD Stereotactic System

ZD (Zamorano-Duchovny) stereotactic frame is based on the centre-of-arc principle. It enables almost unlimited intracranial target while leaving a whole freedom of choice of trepanation access. The single point method of attachment to the headring is possible in any one of the four possible positions.

It guarantees an easy handling and a fast assembly.
A cheramic headring is also available, allowing the use of any type of MRI imaging system.

ZD enables the use of several approaches together with the patient. Minimally invasive, this stereotactic system provides easy handling through markings that facilitate the assembly of the equipment during the surgical procedure.

Isocentric device, based on the centre-of-arc principle, is compatible with all Computed Tomography, Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Digital Angiography systems. It has a Surgical Planning Software that enables the calculation of the stereotactic coordinates (X, Y and Z), as well as entering various Brain Mappings.

ZD Stereotactic System Features:

• High precision;
• Easy handling;
• Fixing pins made of carbon fiber and biocompatible peek and titanium alloy tip;
• Free of artefacts;
• Ruler for fixing with anatomic shape to facilitate fitting the ring;
• Highly resistant ring, made of radio-transparent titanium;
• Micro Drive with MicroGum that allows the insertion of up to five electrodes.

ZD Stereotactic System Applications:

• Biopsies;
• Guided surgery;
• Implantation of electrodes for DBS;
• Behavioral surgeries;
• Evacuation of hematomas;
• Evacuation of cysts.