Inomed Miccrodrive

The MicroDrive is a fully-developed, highly successful, fourth-generation device. It is used for positioning electrodes during stereotactic interventions

Up to 5 electrodes can be reloaded during the operation, so that the recording can start with a minimum number of electrodes. The resolution of 50 µm enables the operator a precise positioning of the electrodes. Every full rotation, a haptic feedback is given by the MicroDrive.

When using the optional depth sensor, the stereotactic position of theelectrodes is transferred and recorded automatically in the ISIS MERsystem. The MicroDrive and the accessories are autoclavable at 134°C. TheMicroDrive may also be used independently of the recording system and is adaptable to all common stereotactic systems.


• Target point localisation by micro electrode recording and deep brain stimulation
• Implantation of Medtronic® and St. Jude® DBS electrodes
• Evaluation and localisation of the target area during lesions
• Micro positioning other probes and electrodes