SpineJet HydroSurgery System

The SpineJet HydroSurgery System The New Wave in Surgery....HydroSurgery
The SpineJet HydroSurgery System utilizes a power console in conjunction with the SpineJet instruments to simultaneously ablate, cut, and remove targeted tissue. HydroSurgery has the power density of laser and radiofrequency technologies, but does not cause thermal tissue damage.

HydroCision's Fluidjet Technology is designed to control a hair-thin, focused, supersonic stream of water used for precise tissue resection. Engineered to be minimally invasive with maximum performance, HydroCision's Fluidjet Technology can selectively resect various tissue densities, including skin, fat, muscle, nucleus, and annulus.

HydroCision's Fluidjet Technology simultaneously resects, removes and collects tissue in a closed system. The mechanical design permits minimal passes of the device in and out of the surgical site, protecting nerves and sensitive structures, while quickly resecting tissue, reducing the risk of complications and improving patient outcomes.

Designed for operative efficiency and ease-of-use, HydroCision's Fluidjet Technology can save time in the operating room and replace multiple instruments providing economic benefits while alleviating surgeon.