Radiofrequency Thermal Lesion with the RFE2-A

The RFE2-A is a universal device for all common neurosurgical and orthopaedic coagulation techniques and meets the most exacting requirements in terms of safety, precision and comfort of use. A large variety of instruments and devices are adaptable to the RFE2-A.

RFE2-A Features:

• Continous RF in 3 different modes: Tempeature, Performance, Preset Temperature –Profile
• Pulsed RF in 3 different modes:

Temperature, Voltage, RF-Duration:

• Direct Nerve Stimulation for the localization of motoric and sensoric nerves
• Continuous Impedance-measurement
• Continuous Temperature-measurement
• Touchscreen display
• Graphic display of temperature-gradient
• Digistal display of all relevant application-parameters
• Up to 30 preset parameters memorized
• Remote control
• CE approved