ReDura is manufactured with FDA approved degradable material poly-L-lactic acid which has been extensively tested to prove the biocompatibility and non toxicity. The product exhibits excellent prevention of CSF leakage and tissue adhesion, regenerating the dural defect in the process. ReDura is fully degradable and absorbable 1 year post implantation, leaving no foreign body in-situ and is replaced by regenerated dura tissue. Redura has been widely used in clinical practice and demonstrates outstanding efficacy and safety for the repair of the dural defect.


A. Rapid Repair & Regeneration
B. Long Term Safety
C. Excellent Handling & Conformability
D. High Strength & No-swelling
E. Onlay & Suture

Recranio is a creanio-maxillofacial repair system intended for replacement of cranial and craniofacial defects. The implant is shaped and sized to perfectly fit the anatomy of individual patients

• PEEK material
• 3D reconstruction and design
• Minimal metal artifact