Inmito is an India based and staged company created by experienced professionals with national and international degrees in Sales & Marketing, International Business, Law and Economics.

Today Inmito is a young multi-business corporate, motivated and standard determined unit organized to arrange and target the spirit of enterprise with focus on promoting medical devices & equipments, products in Indian subcontinent. Inmito also inspires improvement in dwelling Market entry strategies, setting up and organizing a distribution and emplacement channel, Product marketing and Relation development. We enhance client's predefined goals to conceptualization of success ideas for growth through our experienced team of professionals in driving business plans and transforming profitable ventures.

In last 9 years Inmito has protracted in medical Device and equipment sector in companies across US and Europe for exclusively promoting their products in Indian subcontinent. Apart from distribution, enhancement and technical services we provide consultancy services for a vast range of services viz. setting up sales and marketing operations in India for pre and post acquisitions and merger management. We configure our expertness in services for market study, Regulatory & Product Registration.

Inmito tracks a strong distribution network across India providing technical support, sales and marketing management, after sales services and enhanced substantive education and requisite trainings.

Over a period of time, Inmito has established a renowned brand in medical sector providing comprehensive solutions in fields of:
- Interventional Pain Management
- Functional and Stereotactic Neurosurgery
- Neuromodulation
- Low intensity focus ultrasound therapy
- Minimally Invasive Spine Solutions
- Intraoperative Neurophysiology Solutions for Surgeries
- Robotic Neurosurgery